Forest: Stay Focused App

If you are someone who loves to daydream, procrastinate or find it difficult to focus on a task, the Forest app maybe for you! The Forest app helps you stay focused on the important things in life as well as keeping track on your goals. Simply download the Forest app and select the time frame that you need to keep focused for and or complete a task. Click Forest for a preview.

Calm App

Have you ever counted to ten in the effort to keep calm only to find yourself doing the exact opposite? Or took deep breaths in a paper bag only to become light headed? Well, why not try out the Calm app? The Calm app provides an interactive selection of choices for all ages and stage levels to assist you in keeping calm. Calm app also gives you the option to choose from various meditation themes, breathing techniques and body awareness while listening to a range of music. So, keep calm and download the Calm app! 🙂

Smiling Mind App

During isolation time, are you feeling disconnected to your friends and family causing you to feel anxious, worried or lonely? Perhaps Smiling Mind app may be what you need? The Smiling Mind app gives you time to ‘check in with yourself’ by providing you with a track progress. It also lets you tailor what support you want providing you with tips in boosting positive feelings, general health and well-being. So, why not turn that frown upside down with the Smiling Mind app! 🙂

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