“The best ideas start with conversations” – Jonathan Ive

Men’s health week 15 – 21 june 2020

Everyone’s mental health varies throughout their lives, moving from highs and lows. For some men, asking for help comes easy, while for others, not so. As a friend, checking in to see if someone is OK can sometimes be the crucial step to get things started.

Looking out for signs to know whether your mate is stressed, anxious or depressed can be rather tricky. Often the best way to know is to start a conversation by asking, “How are things going for you?” or “You haven’t seemed yourself lately – are you OK?” Sometimes, they may not want to talk about it right away, though it is great to show you are willing to listen when they are ready.

Remember it is not about having the perfect answer but rather showing someone that you genuinely care and willing to listen.

For more helpful tips on how you can talk to someone you are worried about, click on the services below.

Beyond Blue: Who does effect – Men
How to … Talk to someone you are worried about.
Youth Beyond Blue
Mental Health Line

If you would like to have a yarn/chat with our counsellor or caseworker, fill out the form below.

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