This month, we commemorate Tom McDonald’s 10 Year Anniversary at Marrickville Youth Resource Centre (MYRC).

Tom’s journey with MYRC started in 2010, with long fiery-orange dreadlocks and a passion in working with youth. He began as a Links to Learning Coordinator, facilitating educational workshops for schools within the local community, where he provided young people with creative, interactive and engaging ways to learning.

A couple years later, Tom was appointed as a Senior Youth Worker, a role in which enabled him to provide young people and the community opportunities to up-skill, explore, interact and have fun.

Tom McDonald

Soon after, Tom traded in his dreadlocks and transitioned to the Service Coordinator position. With his personable nature, worldly knowledge and enthusiasm, Tom’s rapport continued to flourish; building partnerships with services, the community and young people. In 2016, Tom rolled up his sleeves and became the Director of MYRC. This multifaceted role enabled Tom to explore and create new and innovative programs, events and services, making his mark on the current MYRC service we have today.

When Tom is not strapped to his desk, you can find him in the kitchen brewing coffee or sneaking another cupcake! He is his worth in gold, as he continues to be the uplifting force behind what makes MYRC special and unique. THANK YOU for all the smallest projects to the largest undertakings that you continue to do for the MYRC team, young people and the community! Congratulations, You have rocked it!

Tom McDonald 10 Years of Service
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