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Remember to submit your own GREEN TIPS video, words and/or photos to by Sunday 19th July 2020, for your chance to win a voucher up to $50.

There are so many simple things you can do to help keep our planet green by reducing your carbon-foot print. Some are just a ‘light switch off’ away or a ‘bike peddling’ down the road. While others require sorting through what can be ‘recycled or reused’ or rolling up your sleeves and putting your ‘green thumb’ into action!

Check out how MYRC is keeping it ‘green’ in Marrickville.


  • Soil or potting mix
  • Succulent cuttings
  • Water jug or watering can
  • Recycled materials for potting for example; tea cups, mug, an empty candle bowl, milk bottle, jar, teapot
  • Hand spade or large spoon
  • Optional: gardening gloves
Materials for potting succulent cuttings.


  1. Add potting mix or soil to your choice of recycled material.
  2. Pour water to the potting mix.
  3. Choose your succulent cuttings. Tip: Remove any extra leaves so that the bottom section of the stem is exposed.
  4. Pick the spot you’d like to plant the cuttings. Tip: Leave some space between each cutting, minimum a finger width.
  5. Plant the cuttings. Tip: the lowest leaves should sit above the soil without touching it.
  6. Pat down the soil lightly to get the cuttings to stand upright.
  7. Showcase your succulent plant in a sunny location and that has plenty of air flow. Tip: Avoid areas in your home or garden that is open to intense heat and sunlight.
  8. Water your new succulent plant four times a week over the next two weeks. Tip: Add small amounts of water at a time and then ease down to watering two to four times a month.
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