First you twist it, then you lick it, then you dunk it! FALSE. The new way to eat your Oreo’s, hands-free. I dare you to try and see if you can bet Erin aka OREO CHAMPION, in less than 20 seconds!

Do you have what it takes to beat Erin?

Interesting facts about Oreo cookies

  • They’re are available in more than 100 countries.
  • Flavors around the world include Green Tea Ice Cream (Japan), Dulce de Leche (Argentina), Blueberry Ice Cream (Indonesia), Raspberry/Blueberry (China), and Orange/Mango (China).
  • The 40 billion Oreos produced each year would circle the Earth five times if stacked one on top of another.
  • Like all successful food stuff, Oreos has its own National Day on March 6th. The day is dedicated to twisting, licking and dunking from dawn ‘til dusk.
Ooooreo yeah!


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