This year, MYRC has been nominated for the Youth Service of the Year Award 2020. We are stoked and honored to be nominated. No doubt, this year has had it’s challenges! However, with team work, community spirit, creativity, coffee and a sense of humour, we have persevered and managed to roll up our sleeves for ‘business as (un)usual’.

We would also like to acknowledge and give thanks to all the services we have partnership with throughout the year. We appreciate your time, support and contributions, but mostly, enabling us to do what we are passionate about most; being the catalyst to empower young people.

Take a look at our snapshots on what ‘went down’ at MYRC this year.

Green thumb skills (School Holiday program July).
Tom rolling up his sleeves for some flippin’ pancakes (School Holiday program).
Erin ‘eating’ her way through the year with Oreo tricks (School Holiday program).
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