MYRC held another school holiday program with a little twist. It all began with the Open Day BBQ celebrating the local community (Inner West) from all walks of life. The young people enjoyed a free BBQ with a game of basketball and ping-pong, while those who suffered a food coma, chilled on the couches playing UNO and JENGA.

The week continued with an excursion to TreeTops. Most of the day was captured on camera, as gene-Z would say, “if it wasn’t caught on camera it never happened”. So, here are some candid moments caught on camera.

Overall, the young people had a terrific time navigating the treetops, but for most, it was a great experience to conquer their fear in heights, develop trust, build confidence and team morale.

Keeping to the environment theme, Making Terrariums was a new addition to our program. With Dylan, our horticultural expert, teaching us the science and art behind terrariums. Fact busta: Did you know that the ocean represents the water supply in a terrarium? The young people created their own terrarium to take home. Jazzie, our caseworker and Hila, our youth worker, also got into the action.

The first week ended with DIY yogurt acia bowl and a visit to the Addison Road (Addi Rd) Food Justice Program. Mina, from Addi Rd, gave a historic tour of the place as well as teaching us the importance of ‘rescued food’. We are grateful to receive food from the Food Pantry, which is open to the community at a low price.

The second week kicked off with a movie day that included recreational games and lunch. This activity was a great way to wind down with some freshly made popcorn with some friends in front of the screen. The week continued with a twist, with a #stayhome photography activity. It was great to see Australia captured behind the lens, showcasing its natural beauty and resilience.

The holidays ended on different note, pun intended, with a Drumming workshop. Lee, a drumming music guru, volunteered his time and equipment to teach the young people about music, playing all sorts of drums and percussion instruments as well as improvisation. The group had some impressive skills, harmonizing together as a band ensemble, putting BTS in some serious competition.

If you are keen to sign up for the next school holiday program or have any suggestions of what activities and workshops we could offer, feel free to email us on Stay tuned for Term 2 school holiday program running on Tuesday 6th to 16th April, 2021.

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