In October 2016, Emile jumped from being a civil servant to being a youth worker at MYRC. His kind, passionate and free-spirited nature enabled him to effortlessly fulfil the ‘many hats’ that a life of youth worker experiences.

Throughout his time at MYRC, Emile has generously contributed in a number of in-house youth programs with the likes of; Retail and Hospitality, SMART Recovery, Recreational Afternoon (Rec Arvo), School Holiday Program and our pilot Tweens to name a few.

Over the four years, Emile has established a steady reputation and rapport with other local services by coordinating free and accredited training. This included the very popular and successful School of Hospitality (CHP), BOOST (Inner West Council) as well as an array of taste tester workshops for high school students within the local community.

Undoubtedly, Emile’s continuous efforts, genuine nature, creativity and wealth of knowledge positively influenced young people’s lives; becoming skilled, employed, independent and overall, resilient and healthy human beings 🙂

Brush with fame: Rain, hail or shine, Emile express delivers food hampers to families in need during COVID-19 for Marrickville South Collective (MSC).

On behalf of MYRC, the Board, youth and members of the community, we would like to sincerely say Thank You Emile for your continuous dedication, passion, creativity, hard-work and ‘cool-as-a-cucumber’ positive energy that you have shared with us all. We bid you Farewell but NOT Goodbye, as despite your new ‘sea change’, Sydney still offers the best swells, cafes and of course, homemade cupcakes and munosh 🙂

Jokes … or maybe not! 😉
Emile, working hard … kind of!

Did you know? (Fun Five Facts about Emile)

  1. Emile is from a French Mauritian cultural background
  2. Is an awesome surfer
  3. Is a beast with the BBQ
  4. A sucker for baked treats (especially Hila’s cupcakes) 🙂
  5. Has driven the circumference of Australia
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