Monday 28th July – Friday 9th July 2021

Spending your school holiday’s in COVID-19 lock down really sucks. FALSE. Why? Because MYRC, Barnardo’s Australia and Deadly Connections have on-line activities to keep you active, creative and entertained. So why not #stayconnected and be part of the winter school holiday on-line program.

These activities are FREE and open to all ages 12-24 years old, welcoming LGBTQIA+ community and people living with a disability. You can participate in as many activities that you like!

We would like to see all the creative things that you took part in so why not tag us @myrc2204 so we can give you a #shoutout on our social media. You can also email your details to us on so that we can #stayconnected. Some activities also come with a ZOOM tutorial, so watch this space so that you don’t miss out!

Activities to choose from … if you dare to accept them. 🙂

Recycle and Create


Create your own robots from boxes, bottles, tubes, buttons, bottle tops and pipe cleaners or whatever else you have hanging around at home.

Box animal

If you’re getting an Amazon or eBay delivery soon, why not create a box animal using the delivery box! Here’s how you do it. Cut out one end of the box which is where your body will enter through. Then, cut out two oval like shapes on each of the box sides for your legs and arms to hang from. Finally, draw a face on the opposite end of the box and … taaa daaa! This activity is box-erffic for relays.


Ever wanted to sharpen your drawing skills in cartooning, portraits and shading? Well why not have a go with these free drawing tutorials, providing basic tricks and skills in drawing.

FYI: Our ‘deadly’ creative youth worker, Yill, from Deadly Connections will be running a ZOOM tutorial workshop on Free expression Art: drawing and painting. More details will be posted soon … so stayed tuned!

How to draw faces – Cartooning Basics 101

How to shade with pencil for beginners

Shadow drawing

All you need is the sunshine for this (or a lamp if it’s a cloudy day). Get out your favourite ‘things’ that you’d like to draw. For example, Pokeamon, Lego, fruit and or figurines. Place the ‘things’ on the edge of the paper, the side that will give a shadow on to the paper. Then sketch or trace the shadow. Optional – add a scenery to bring the characters or images alive!

And for a little challenge … How to draw faces step by step

Decorative masks

Why not create your own personalized ‘bling’ mask while you’re in lock down. Don’t know how. No worries, we’ve got you ‘covered’ with these tutorial videos.

Decorative DIY Face mask – sewing, embroidery and beading masks

FAST and EASY way to make a face mask


Well if you can’t go to the forest, bring the forest to you! Create your own terrariums in the comfort of your home.

Arts and Crafts

Ever went to Kmart for one thing but ended up leaving with thirty-odd things that you’ll never use? Don’t worry, you’re not alone and we have a solution! We have some craft activities that will put your ‘bits and pieces’ to good use.

Create your own personalized photo frames with 10 DIY ways to make unique crafty photo frames or …

… Create a beautiful feature for your room with a DIY Tutorial on How to make a Macrame Tree of Life.

FYI: Our quirky case worker, Jazzie, from MYRC will also be running ZOOM tutorial workshops on how to create Paper Cranes on fairy lights and creating characters with Fuze Art. All are welcome to join! More details will be posted soon … so stay tuned!

Tricks with your skateboard, basketball or soccer ball

Want to keep active whilst learning some awesome ‘flip’, ‘shoot’ and ‘passing’ skills with your skateboard, basketball or soccer ball? Check out these inspirational videos teaching some of the basic to the ‘ill-est’ tricks. Feel free to record and upload your tricks and tag us @myrc2204.

#keepsafe – Remember to wear a helmet, safety clothing and have an adult or mate supervising you while you try these at home.

Skateboard tricks
Basketball tricks
Soccer tricks

Did someone say, Dessert?

Feeling peckish? Well, be our chef, put our recipes to the test! Try these delicious simple recipes that will definitely keep you satisfied during the school holidays!

Let’s start with this little beauty … a Simple Moist Chocolate Cake.

Don’t feel like baking, but still have room for dessert. Why not have a go with making NO BAKE Oatmeal Bars.

And to finish off the winter school holiday ‘smooooothly’ with Four Healthy Smoothies for Kids.

We are keen to see all the creative things that you have done so TAG US @myrc2204. If you have any questions contact us on or call 02 9564 3222.


The images and video tutorials have been taken from various sources on the Internet (YouTube) and have not been created by MYRC organisation. We like to thank the creators of the images and the videos.

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